BTC, SHIB, and XRP see fluctuating movements on the price chart

BTC, SHIB, and XRP see fluctuating movements on the price chart

Bitcoin is down to a crucial level. Shiba Inu is still on the verge of recovery. XRP is expected to gain momentum as time passes. The crypto market, in a macro sense, is affected by several factors. This includes economic conditions, Federal Reserve decisions, regulatory compliance, recognition, and adoption, among others. However, BTC, SHIB, and XRP have gone through a lot in recent times.

Bitcoin, for example, is testing the resistance of $65,000. Falling below that margin could lead to further declines. BTC is already far away from the ATH of around $74,000. Also, a fall below the stated resistance level could invite a higher liquidation of holdings. The selling pressure is evident, and carrying forward that sentiment will only harm the flagship digital asset.

BTC is currently exchanging hands at $65,077.88, down by 0.83% in the last 24 hours and 3.50% in the last 7 days. The market cap and 24-hour trading volume, even though high, have taken a major hit. The token is still poised to move beyond $84,000 by year-end. BTC price predictions about meeting the $100k value by December 31, 2024, are still persistent.

Furthermore, near-term projections are bullish amidst 2.13% volatility and a 14-day RSI of 39.59. The monthly growth is predicted to hover around 31.51% for a jump to $85,808. Current bearish trends don’t exactly support that prediction, but it is still in sight. The number of green trades in the last 30 days is 50%, as the Fear & Greed Index shows 64 points in its favor.

SHIB has surged by 1.57% in the last 24 hours, listed at $0.00001844 at the press time. It further reflects a decrease of 16.63% in the last 7 days and 25.05% in the last 30 days. Shiba Inu has also seen a massive decline in its market cap, which is now below $11 billion from its previous value of above $14 billion.

Only the prediction for the next 5 days is optimistic. The token is likely to see a dip of 5.28% in the next 30 days. That will take the value to around $0.00001788. Sentiments are bearish right now, for all the right reasons one can say. The volatility is slightly higher (above 9%), and the 14-day RSI is 28.22.

XRP will eventually mark an upswing, probably after Ripple and the SEC are thorough with their legal battle. For now, the token is at $0.4923, down by 1.55% in the last 24 hours. In the next 30 days, XRP is expected to reach the value of $0.596759. That will be a surge of 20.84% from the current token value.

The prevailing belief is that XRP will only see uptrends in the future.

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Published at Wed, 19 Jun 2024 20:05:40 +0200

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