Cipher Mining mines 176 Bitcoin in June, holds over 2,200 BTC

Cipher Mining mines 176 Bitcoin in June, holds over 2,200 BTC

Cipher Mining’s operational hash rate reaches 8.6 EH/s in June.

BlackRock-backed Cipher Mining mined 176 Bitcoin in June, now holds 2,200 BTC

Key Takeaways

  • Cipher Mining mined 176 Bitcoin last month.
  • Cipher Mining’s total Bitcoin holdings reached 6,154 BTC by June end.

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Cipher Mining, a prominent Bitcoin mining firm backed by BlackRock, has revealed its June Bitcoin mining update. According to a press release published Tuesday, the company mined 176 Bitcoin (BTC) last month, bringing its total holdings to 2,209 BTC as of June 30.

Cipher Mining also reported that 75,000 mining rigs are currently operational, and the operating hash rate reached 8.6 EH/s by the end of June.

Cipher Mining said June was a “solid month of production.” The firm activated an additional 30MW at each of its Bear and Chief data centers.

“At Bear we have now received and installed all the new mining rigs, and we expect to finish installing the remainder of the new mining rigs at Chief later this month,” Tyler Page, CEO of Cipher, commented on the expansion efforts.

Earlier today, CleanSpark, another prominent Bitcoin mining company, reported mining 445 BTC in June. Throughout 2024, the company has mined a total of 3,614 BTC. As of June 30, CleanSpark held 6,591 BTC.

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Published at Wed, 03 Jul 2024 02:15:14 +0200

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