Closure of Solana Foundation’s Tour de Sun 22 program

Closure of Solana Foundation’s Tour de Sun 22 program

Tour de Sun 22, an initiative organized by the Solana Foundation, has been slated to conclude on March 31, 2024. In its place, a testnet incentive program with a more restricted scope will be implemented. The Solana Foundation will continue to contribute to its evolution and security with the community of validators who support the Solana network.

Current program participants will continue to be eligible for the current incentive scale through March’s conclusion. The final incentive will be made available for distribution on April 8.

The purpose of the program is to provide a foundation for incentives associated with the most recent validator operators who contribute to the testnet. Participation in testnet has historically been required for operators seeking a stake delegation from the Foundation on their mainnet beta validator. Both mainnet beta programs were developed to accommodate various factors, including extended queue times, which allowed for the introduction of new trials.

An enhancement has been made to the Solana Foundation Delegation Program for Mainnet Validators in order to provide the validator community and the decentralized network with additional incentive structures. The most recent program provides a designated period of support in the event that a node acquires a new validator’s voting costs and, contingent on the amount of external investment it attracts, a delegation from the Foundations. This motivates operators to seek external investment opportunities through intermediaries and stake pools.

In accordance with the delegation program, all forthcoming testnet incentives for deserving participants will be distributed.

Every validator will receive a monthly bonus of up to $250 for a period of six months, sealed for one year of SOL. The payments will be processed once the operator has operated a functional node on mainnet for a minimum of ten epochs and is deemed worthy of a mainnet delegation from the Foundation.

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Published at Wed, 20 Mar 2024 19:15:39 +0100

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