Crypto Donations are pouring into Ukraine. How Do You Contribute?

Crypto Donations are pouring into Ukraine. How Do You Contribute?

The war between Ukraine and Russia has turned out to be a matter of concern for most people across the world. Many have stated that this might turn out to be the third world war which will destroy the world once and for all. In these situations, the officials of Ukraine have tried to go for crowdfunding which will save the nation from any kind of major loss in the market. It has been announced that more than 5 million USD has been raised through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, and other tokens. Victor Zhora, one of the top cyber security officials of Ukraine has verified this information on Twitter. He has informed me that the wallet information is quite appropriate.For more details you keep reading below and you can visit their updated website at

Information Authentication

  • The addresses which have been mentioned with the help of Elliptic co-founder, Tom Robinson have received more than 3 million USD in less than 24 hours.
  • Even blockchain analytics have been quite surprised with this rise of funds through crypto tokens.
  • The values of Bitcoin and Ether were trending at 39,200 USD and 2,800 USD at the moment. As you can guess, the values which have been raised till now are quite high.
  • The nation is heavily dependent on the wallet information which has been released till now to set up its defence against Russia.
  • The nation is also working on crowdfunding efforts to get its citizens into safe spaces.
  • The government has informed that they will be providing rewards to those who are instrumental in getting information about the war through their crypto identities.
  • Twitter has already been used to solicit information related to war and get help against cyber-attacks during this time.

Rallying For Ukraine

  • Several companies from different parts of the world have started to rally their interests in Ukraine at the moment.
  • Bloomberg chief has stated that this will be a monumental time for human civilization as they stand for the interest of Ukraine which is plagued by Russian forces at the moment.
  • Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin who was born in Russia has stated that people should be on their strongest guard at the moment.
  • They should keep a vigilant eye on the transactions which are made into their accounts at the moment.
  • He has urged his people that the transactions will be monitored very quickly and they will be irreversible. Hence, maximum protection must be taken.

Setting up Foundations

  • Websites like “Return Alive Foundation” have been set up for people to make their contributions to the war-affected people of Ukraine.
  • Other crypto enthusiasts have come into the same venture of helping the nation which has been brutally affected by Russia.
  • They have mentioned that digital assets have been one of the easiest remaining means which can help the people affected by war at the moment.
  • There will be no issues that will affect the inter-border transactions of the investors.
  • Along with this, it has been mentioned that no money will be provided to buy armaments which will further deteriorate the condition of war.
  • Digital assets are the only immediate and easy funds that can help a nation in times of war.
  • They can also be considered as one of the only ways in which the nation will be able to hold its financial backup at the moment.
  • The system has been facing severe difficulties at the moment and the nation must be able to overcome this as soon as possible.
  • Non-fungible tokens have also been used to raise the funds for Ukraine at the moment.
  • The humanitarian effort which has been taken for the Ukrainian citizens is indeed something which has to be admired.
  • NFT collections have shown that 1 million USD has been raised for these ventures.


The Ukrainian NGO “Come Back Alive” is one of the major organizations which have been working on the war grounds presently. It is to be seen whether the crypto community can help a nation that is badly stricken by war. There are other options in terms of war funds that have to be brought into account as soon as possible. At the same time, the investors must be careful about their portfolios during the times of war. There are certain interests which they should look for themselves as well. This will help the investors to bring their profits into their accounts as soon as the war ends!

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