Devcon 2024 updates – Secure your tickets, apply to speak, and get involved!

Devcon 2024 updates – Secure your tickets, apply to speak, and get involved!

Ethereum family,

We have two major updates today, three smaller ones, and a bunch of reminders about Devcon SEA and how you can get involved ahead of getting together in Bangkok from November 12-15.

Ticket sales are open NOW!

Get your Devcon ticket! You can apply now for various builder and local discounts.

Check out all ticket types, and apply for discounts here.

Self-claimable discounts

We are giving discounts to Ethereum contributors. Check to see whether your Ethereum address or GitHub username is eligible for a Devcon discount here. Discounts are limited, so be sure to claim yours in time!


The raffle-auction ends on July 9, 23:59 UTC. If you’ve won, you can claim your ticket here through July 31, 2024. If you did not win, you can still withdraw all of your funds.

Want to bring your community to Devcon, but need support? Apply for community tickets here.

General Admission waves

General Admission tickets will open in waves, starting July 16. They are anon friendly, and no ID is needed.

  • Wave 1: July 16, 16:00 and 23:00 UTC
  • Wave 2: July 30, 16:00 and 23:00 UTC
  • Wave 3: August 13, 16:00 and 23:00 UTC

Speaker applications are open NOW!

Apply to be a speaker at Devcon SEA! The deadline is July 30, and we will send out first approvals or rejections by the end of August.

We are looking for educational talks covering topics relevant to Ethereum today. We want to hear about the newest developments, hardest challenges, and talks that emphasize core Ethereum values. Applications should fit in one of these ten Devcon programming tracks:

  • Core Protocol: Research and developments in Ethereum’s core protocol.
  • Cypherpunk and Privacy: Privacy, decentralization, and censorship resistance.
  • Usability: User experience and design improvements.
  • Real World Ethereum: Practical applications and their impacts.
  • Applied Cryptography: Cryptographic advancements and their applications.
  • Crypto Economics: Economic models and incentive structures.
  • Coordination: Enhancing coordination through Ethereum.
  • Developer Experience: Tools and practices for Ethereum developers.
  • L2s: Scaling solutions to enhance Ethereum’s throughput and reduce costs.
  • Security: Safeguard Ethereum against vulnerabilities and attacks.

Devcon Wishlist

We have a Devcon wishlist if you are looking for inspiration.✨ Read the guidelines and selection criteria carefully!

Apply to speak at Devcon here.

Interested in covering updates from top builders and researchers at Devcon? We have limited press passes. Check what applications we give priority to and apply here.

Bloggers or podcasters? Apply too!


Volunteering is a great way to get started in the Ethereum community (next to contributing to open-source projects and improving the tools you use). Volunteering means helping out during the event, working closely with the Devcon team, building strong bonds and friendships, and meeting others who can help you move forward.

Apply to volunteer at Devcon here.

Ethereum SEA Day

Ethereum SEA Day is a 1-day event on November 11, the day before Devcon. It aims to bring together and advance the Ethereum ecosystem in Southeast Asia.

The event will focus on the region, featuring introductory content, community leaders and SEA initiatives. Newcomers to Ethereum from SEA are more than welcome!

Read more and share your ideas here.

SEA & Bangkok travel guide

As we gather in Bangkok for Devcon as a community of many remote workers and digital nomads, some of you might want to come early and stay longer. We’ve created a City Guide with the best places to stay, eat, and explore.

Plan your travels to Devcon with the Bangkok City Guide.

There are also many Ethereum communities to visit throughout Southeast Asia, and some bigger Ethereum events happen close to the Devcon dates.

Check the events in Southeast Asia before and right after Devcon here.

Ongoing Devcon initiatives & programs

Supporter Program

This is a chance for teams and companies to receive Devcon tickets in bulk for the whole team and support Ethereum-related public goods on the side! We are trying out a new way of funding important Ethereum projects, giving out Devcon Supporter tickets as a thank you to those who contribute financially.

Apply as a Supporter of important Ethereum projects here before 31 July!

Impact Teams

We are offering 2 Devcon tickets to teams with high impact on Ethereum. Impact Teams work on making a difference, they might be considered public goods, are non-profits, and lack stable funding.

Apply as Impact Team here ahead of the 31 July deadline!

DIPs & dogfooding

Devcon Improvement Proposals (DIPs) are your chance to suggest improvements for Devcon and what Ethereum open-source projects we should dogfood during or before the event. Dogfooding means using our own tech, and we want to use more Ethereum tech where it makes sense and benefits all attendees.

Working on an open-source Ethereum project, focused on bringing value, and see an opportunity to improve the event or engage the community? Write a short post on the Forum, and we can discuss it with the community.

Road to Devcon

If you’re in Southeast Asia, community-driven, and passionate about Ethereum, we are here to support you!

Organize local RTD events in SEA, and apply for funding here.

Devcon video archive

Watch talks from past Devcons, get inspired, and gain a deeper understanding of Ethereum.

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