Ethereum Foundation & Immunefi Collaborate On “Attackathon”

Ethereum Foundation & Immunefi Collaborate On “Attackathon”

According to the latest details that surfaced, Immunefi has joined forces with the Ethereum Foundation to launch the “Attackathon.”

This collaboration is part of a time-bound code review program aimed at identifying potential vulnerabilities in Ethereum’s core protocol.

Ethereum Foundation contributes $500,000

The Attackathon is meant to bring together top security researchers and developers from around the world to scrutinize Ethereum’s technology and security measures.

The Ethereum Foundation has initiated the program with a contribution of $500,000 to the reward pool. This will be used to compensate participants for discovering and reporting security issues and bugs.

Fredrik Svantes, Protocol Security Research Lead at the Ethereum Foundation, expressed enthusiasm for the initiative, stating, “We are excited to launch the first audit competition targeting the protocol itself, and can’t wait to see what types of vulnerabilities it will surface.”

The event also includes an educational component, aiming to increase accessibility for security researchers and deepen their engagement within the Ethereum ecosystem.  

Immunefi is known for operating one of the largest Web3 security communities, with over 45,000 researchers. The firm has a track record of facilitating major bug bounties in the software industry. They have reportedly paid out over $100 million in bounties and claimed to have saved over $25 billion in user funds.


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