Ethereum regains NFT lead with US$17.02 million daily sales

Ethereum regains NFT lead with US$17.02 million daily sales

Ethereum reclaimed its prior position as the market leader among blockchain non-fungible tokens. The product achieved a sales volume of $17.02 million. Sales on this platform have increased by as much as 39.19% in the twenty-four hours leading up to 2:00 pm, according to data compiled by CryptoSlam. The anticipated surge in Ethereum sales volume to $43.36 billion represents the industry’s highest level to date. Ethereum even disregarded Bitcoin in light of its two-day hold on the top daily sales position. It concludes a second consecutive week of rapid change, during which Bitcoin dominated the market on Monday and Tuesday before relinquishing its lead to Ethereum, which became apparent on Wednesday.

Solana, which secured the second position, and Bitcoin, which secured the third position, respectively, witnessed a 30% decline in sales margin, amounting to US$11.61 million. In contrast, Solana’s sales declined to US$6.79 million, representing a reduction of 4.17%. In light of the decreased margin, the all-time NFT sales volume for Bitcoin has approached $3 billion, and it has presently reached approximately $23 million in light of the current environment.

It is currently in position to surpass the milestone and become the fourth network in history to do so. As of Wednesday’s data, Polygon has the fourth greatest sales volume, with a margin sales increase of 6.35% observed within twenty-four hours. The range was expanded to $1.13 million. For the first time in history, Polygon has experienced a 1 million dollar increase in sales volume. The transactions for the fifth NFT network, Mythos Chain, have accumulated to $1.06 million. Wednesday saw the immutable fall out of the top five positions due to a 20% decline in sales, totaling $725,679.

Published at Thu, 28 Mar 2024 18:25:01 +0100

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