Fuzzle finds a home on GalaChain

Fuzzle finds a home on GalaChain

Fuzzles, first created by EndlessAI, are now returning to the NFT sphere. Gala announced that it would take over the Intellectual Property Rights from EndlessAI. Thereby initiating the development process from its side. Fuzzles were brought to the market on April 27, 2022, via the Gala Store.

EndlessAI recognized the collection as an AI NFT companion. The community adored the collection a lot. Members depicted their excitement about having the AI NFT, where adorable alien creatures featured the best of their looks. However, the development process by EndlessAI gradually declined, and the NFT collection marked slower progress.

The community took on the task of bringing the NFT collection back to life. They leveraged the voting mechanism in Fuzzle Prime DAO, sought a healthy negotiation with EndlessAI, and finally, in December last year, attained the IP rights of AI NFT.

Fuzzle Prime made the development public by posting about it on X, seeking members to join the Discord server for more details. Fuzzle has been defined as the first-of-its kind living NFT powered by groundbreaking AI. Hence, the love from the community was only seen as something obvious. This was evident to the extent that many members said their children were excited about it more than them.

GalaChain will now host Fuzzles. The project is currently under development, with some big strides already underway. It will likely have new features like the Gala Music widget when launched.

GingerBreadMan, the community developer for Fuzzles, said that everyone on the team had unmet expectations. They added that now that the project is in the hands of the community, it is the best time for them to fulfill all those unmet expectations collectively.

A tentative timeline has yet to be shared for the launch, but it has been committed that the features will be built in the coming months. The Gala Music widget is only the beginning, or more of a teaser, about what members can expect. The team has chosen GalaChain because of its speed, scalability, and effectiveness.

Fuzzle making its way back to the market, according to Gala, signifies the way in which Web3 should always operate. The team has cited the voting mechanism of Fuzzle Prime DAO as an example that has helped members get back their most-loved NFT collection. Web3 has always stood for an empowered community, with the right to speak and get things done.

In the past year, Fuzzle Prime DAO has accomplished a great deal. The community is anticipating developing and delivering the NFT collection in the coming months.

The announcement comes days after GALA was found to be the most secure altcoin in the market by Certik, a leading authority on blockchain security. All the said updates have worked well for the token. GALA is currently up by 2.73% in the last 24 hours, listed at $0.04317 at the time of articulating this piece.

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