Optimism to allocate unclaimed funds from initial airdrop

Optimism to allocate unclaimed funds from initial airdrop

Optimism, an Ethereum layer 2 network, has announced plans to disburse the unused funds that were left over from its initial airdrop. The direct receivers will be to the identified addresses that were left out. 

The airdrop that began on the 1st of June,2022, was responsible for disbursing 166 million from the roughly 215 million tokens that were kept aside for the airdrop. The allocation was made to the addresses that approached the airdrop before Optimism declared the same.  

As per the information shared by the company, one-fourth of the addresses never came forward to lay their claims and will now be receiving their due share. Optimism has pledged to disburse 19% of its first token supply via airdrops. After the two airdrops, there will be 13.73% of the token supply left over. Optimism has not come out with its plans for a third airdrop.

In terms of total value locked (TVL), Optimism enjoys the position of the second-largest Layer 2 network on Ethereum. The L2 solutions aim to augment the scalability and efficiency of the Ethereum network. This is accomplished by processing transactions off-chain and maintaining the Ethereum blockchain’s privacy features.

The company’s decision to disburse the unclaimed airdrop funds to the addresses showcases its commitment to transparency and decentralization within the community of Ethereum. Also, it will significantly contribute to the Ethereum L2 ecosystem.

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Published at Mon, 18 Sep 2023 14:24:17 +0200

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