The future of mining: Does BlockDAG X1 app take the crown with $53.5M presale impact? HBAR & ETC’s pace race

The future of mining: Does BlockDAG X1 app take the crown with $53.5M presale impact? HBAR & ETC’s pace race

Hedera (HBAR) impressively gained this week despite broader market downtrends, highlighting its durability with its current trading price. Concurrently, Ethereum Classic (ETC) has teamed up with Alchemy Pay to improve fiat access, signalling a shift towards decentralisation. 

Amid these developments, BlockDAG stands out with its groundbreaking X1 Miner app, which turns smartphones into efficient mining devices. This innovation has achieved global popularity and driven BlockDAG’s presale earnings to a remarkable $53.5 million, underscoring its potential to dominate the crypto scene in 2024.

Hedera (HBAR) to climb despite market downturn

While the crypto market faces a downturn, Hedera (HBAR) has shown remarkable resilience, charting a bullish path. In the last week, as many cryptocurrencies dipped, HBAR achieved a 25.30% increase. 

Hedera (HBAR) to climb despite market downturn

CoinMarketCap notes this rise as part of a broader 147.22% annual growth. HBAR’s current trading price is $0.08871, bolstered by a significant uptick in trading volume, up 84.94% in 24 hours.

ETC advances with new fiat integration

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is expanding its accessibility through a new partnership with Alchemy Pay, facilitated by ETC Grants DAO. This collaboration introduces a fiat on-ramp service, allowing seamless ETC purchases via Visa, MasterCard, mobile wallets, and bank transfers. 

Alchemy Pay’s extensive global network supports this service, and it is available on platforms like and ETC’s move enhances its commitment to decentralisation and broadens its appeal to users worldwide.

BlockDAG enhances mobile mining with X1 Miner

BlockDAG’s commitment to making mining easy for everyone has made great strides with introducing the X1 Miner app. This innovation has captivated the market, selling over 8100 units and generating $3.4 million in revenue. 

The X1 Miner app Beta allows users of various backgrounds to mine directly from their smartphones without needing costly or specialised equipment. It’s a lightweight app, only 50 MB, enabling the mining of up to 20 BDAG coins daily and offers easy download and installation from the App Store and Google Play. Utilising Wi-Fi, the app optimises mining while conserving data and battery life, ensuring a smooth mining experience.

BlockDAG enhances mobile mining with X1 Miner

The influence of the BlockDAG X1 app reaches beyond traditional markets to global cities and unique locales. At a keynote in Tokyo’s Shibuya Crossing, BlockDAG displayed its technological prowess with an engaging video on large billboards, demonstrating the app’s potential to transform mining globally.

The X1 Miner app enhances the mining experience with several features to boost efficiency and user satisfaction. It includes straightforward onboarding, token sales, broad customisation options, and a referral program that incentivises bringing new users into the ecosystem. Upcoming updates will add features like social media integration, comprehensive in-app crypto management, real-time BDAG mining on the BlockDAG blockchain, and instant alerts on new developments and activities.

In conclusion

Hedera (HBAR) has shown resilience despite market downturns with significant gains and trading volume. Concurrently, Ethereum Classic (ETC) advances through partnerships enhancing fiat accessibility. However, BlockDAG outshines them with its X1 Miner app, dramatically simplifying mining. This innovation has skyrocketed BlockDAG’s presale to an impressive $53.5 million, signalling a promising future valuation.

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