Ticket launch details, on-chain raffle-auction, and programming tracks revealed

Ticket launch details, on-chain raffle-auction, and programming tracks revealed

With just five months to go, we are entering the hot phase before Devcon! The Supporter Program, Impact Forum, and Devcon Scholars have already launched, bringing us closer to the Devcon ticket launch.

Today we are sharing the details on how to get your Devcon tickets. Additionally, we are releasing the programming tracks for Devcon SEA!

We have two major updates for you today!

  1. Programming tracks are live
  2. Ticketing types and timelines are live

🎤 Programming Timeline & Tracks

Speaker applications will open on July 9. You can check out the different programming tracks now.

Devcon covers topics and themes that are crucial in the Ethereum ecosystem right now, addressing challenges, ongoing developments, and core Ethereum values. The tracks will feature talks, workshops, panels, and more from beginner to expert level.

  • Core protocol: Researchers and developers, for over 10 years, have worked on building and improving Ethereum to be as decentralized, resilient, and secure of a protocol as possible. What are the latest research findings, EIPs slated for implementation, and suggestions for the roadmap?
  • Layer 2: Ethereum is scaling into a fast-paced rollup-centric ecosystem ready to onboard billions. Since blobs arrived in March of this year, what is left to do to scale Ethereum to the billions?
  • Developer Experience: Developing on Ethereum is easier than ever; what are the latest tools and best practices for developers? How do we make it even better?
  • Coordination: How can we use Ethereum to improve how we coordinate on the Internet?
  • Cypherpunk & Privacy: What are the values that make Ethereum special, why are they important for society, and how are we making it Cypherpunk again?
  • Applied Cryptography: Cryptography is the backbone of crypto, and primitives such as ZKP, MPC, FHE, and more are advancing rapidly — how can we apply these primitives to achieve real-world use cases that were previously not possible?
  • Security: Our ecosystem has become much better at preventing hacks and attacks, but there is room to improve. What are the latest security best practices, recommendations, and tools to make Ethereum applications even more secure?
  • Real World Ethereum: Ethereum reached a level of maturity that allows us to build concrete applications that can achieve long-term positive impact — what types of applications can we build using Ethereum and what are tips on building them?
  • Usability: Mass adoption will not happen without good UX. How are we improving the UX of Ethereum, L2s and applications?
  • Cryptoeconomics: Cryptoeconomics is a nascent field that allows us to build robust decentralized networks with strong incentives for participants, in complex environments. What are the latest research findings and best practices in this field?

Check out our website for more information on programming at Devcon 7 in SEA.

🎟️ Ticket Timeline & Types

This year, we’re working to make Devcon more accessible than ever before.

Tickets to Devcon 7 will be available through three distinct ways:

  • Raffle-Auction Ticket Wave (June 18 – July 9)
  • DiscountsSelf-claimed & Application-based (Open July 9)
    Price varies
  • General Admission Sale Waves (Beginning July 16)

For more information on each of the above, read below.

Raffle-Auction Ticket Wave

Like we did for Devcon VI, we’ll again be featuring an on-chain Raffle-Auction as our first wave of tickets. We want to continue demonstrating the power of Ethereum to host provably fair and verifiable Raffles & Auctions, while increasing the methods we use to distribute tickets to the many thousands that want to attend each year.

204 tickets will be offered in the Raffle-Auction this year. The highest 20 bids will win the Auction. Those who enter with the Minimum Bid or do not win in the auction will enter into the raffle and have a chance at winning one of 184 Devcon tickets being distributed. In this sense, we aim for the distribution outcome to be approximately 10% efficient and 90% fair.

A big thanks to the Fairy & Archblock teams for dedicating their time to the success of this year’s iteration.

Participation Rules

Network — Arbitrum

Minimum Bid — 0.08 ETH (equal to the $299 price of a discounted Builder Ticket at the time of publication).

All proceeds from the Auction above the reserve price will be used to help people attend Devcon through funding programs like the EF Next Billion Scholars program and other Devcon initiatives. If you bid above the reserve price but do not win in the auction, you will automatically be funneled into the Raffle for a ticket. If you win the Raffle, you will be able to withdraw all funds above the Reserve price. If you do not win in either the Raffle or Auction, you will be able to withdraw all of your funds. Like last time, one lucky winner will receive a free Golden Ticket to Devcon & will be able to withdraw all of their funds.


This year, we are using Gitcoin Passport to add a secure sybil-resistance mechanism to the Raffle-Auction. You will need to log into your Passport OR create one & validate your stamps in order to participate in this year’s Raffle-Auction ticket wave.


Bidding Window — June 18 – July 9
Claiming Window — July 9 – 31

Discounts — Begin July 9

There will be multiple ways to obtain discounted tickets this year:

  • Self-claimed
    This will consist of groups like Protocol Guild members, select OSS Contributors, Public Goods Project Owners, and more. More details will be posted when our tickets launch on July 9.
  • Application-based
    This will include a Local Discount for SEA Builders, Builder Discounts, Academic Discounts for students and teachers, and Youth tickets for those under 18 who wish to attend.
  • Devcon Scholarship Program
    Apply for the Devcon Scholarship Program here now! Scholars will receive free tickets and potentially support for their travel. Applications close on July 7.
  • Community Ticket Requests
    These will be available to leaders & organizers of various web2 & web3 communities or meetups to apply for free or discounted tickets for their groups.

Full details will launch on July 9 when the rest of ticketing information will be made available.

General Admission Sale Waves — Begins July 16

Our GA ticket sales will begin on July 16, and each wave will launch at 16:00 UTC and 23:00 UTC.

We will accept payment in Fiat via Stripe, as well as crypto via an open-source Pretix plugin built by the 3cities team.

📻 Stay tuned

Be the first to hear about opportunities to get involved in Devcon, when volunteer and speaker applications open, and ticket sales start via newsletter, on Farcaster, X/Twitter, Lens, Instagram, and Facebook.

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