V3V Ventures acquires Metaverse.sg amid NFT market resilience

V3V Ventures acquires Metaverse.sg amid NFT market resilience

V3V Ventures acquired Metaverse.sg. The strategic move is being hailed as a strong sign for the NFT market since it has not been doing well in recent times. The acquisition is reported to be valued at around $3 million as a sign of the quality of contribution that Metaverse.sg has made in the industry.

Metaverse.sg is known to have created a place of its own in the minds of its users. It has done so through insights from industry experts, categorization of NFT projects, and providing the latest news and research about the constantly evolving market. Many have pointed out that it is not just an acquisition but also an investment in the future of the metaverse and digital assets. The development is interesting because Metaverse.sg holds global ownership of the Metaverse trademark.

Moving forward, Metaverse.sg said that it would retain its existing team to ensure that the expertise is carried forward even after the transition. It also has its sights on developments pertaining to research, high-quality news, and data services. Metaverse.sg remains committed to its growth and development in the Asian market.

The platform has captured a major share of the market when it comes to Asia. It could be an extension of how the NFT market responds to innovation in general in select regions. This includes the Middle East, Asia, and Southeast Asia. The NFT and blockchain segments have collectively rolled in significant investments. For instance, it secured funds worth $100 million from several events, including FinTech Festival Asia.

NFT, as a market, marked resilience in the previous year, that is, 2023. This is evident from a research study that concluded that there was a reduction of 62% in trading volume, taking the figure to $10 billion. NFT18 also concluded that the market locked in a loss of $1 billion, along with a decrease in active wallet addresses by 10%.

While the reduction in active wallet addresses has been sidelined, for it is a marginal drop, other figures keep the market on the edge. Nevertheless, experts believe that resilience is a positive sign for players like Metaverse.sg, which constantly works to bring innovation into the sphere and provide valuable resources to the crypto community.

The fall in the NFT market has been credited to the negative perception that was created by reports like those from Rolling Stone. It is believed that the report prematurely declared that NFTs were dead.

A couple of positive signs kept the market running. Like the diversification of projects across blockchains and the adoption of sidechains. That said, the NFT market continues to demonstrate growth and innovation while leveraging the unique abilities of every blockchain. A shift in interest is tangible across the Middle East, Asia, and Southeast Asia. The times to come could reflect more positively on the NFT and crypto markets.

Published at Thu, 22 Feb 2024 14:40:31 +0100

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